Fashion Do’s.

I absolutely love the new range of sun dresses which have recently been re-introduced to the fashion world.


I first fell in love with this girly, petite look whilst watching ‘The Hills’ a reality TV show which follows Lauren Conrad and her friends around Los Angeles. Lauren has truly had a huge impact on my wardrobe and I find myself googling images of her so I can mimic some of her effortless beauty.

Whilst on my search for the perfect ‘Lauren’ look I have stumbled upon a few amazing websites.

Obviously the first being Laurens own fashion label, Paper crown:

& my favourite ASOS:

So go out and have some flirty fun with these beautiful styles.


Love stories.

They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops. And that’s true. What  they don’t tell you, is that once time starts again, it moves extra fast to  catch up.

Love at first sight, is it possible?

As much as I love to watch all of the soppy chick flicks as much as the next girl I find it hard to understand this idea of love at first sight.

Love, after all is more then what meets the eye. It is beautifully emotional, it is the ability of sharing 100% of who you are with someone else.

It is a scary and magical feeling that allows you to be brave enough to bare your soul to someone. So how can you fall in love with someone without knowing them?

First love. The Start.

I used to believe that love conquered all.

I was only fifteen years old when I first felt the amazing, terrible, ridiculously crazy feeling of love. I was head of over heels. I cant even begin to describe the deep emotion, the ridiculous choices and the bravery I found whilst holding his hand.

I was always the center of attention when it came to boys but I was never one to act on anything, that was until I met.. lets just call him James. James was brittish, he was charming, and best of all, he was funny.

James had a way of grabbing the attention of everyone in the room, I guess thats why I was drawn to him.

His fearless attitude, his close relationships with his family and friends. I loved it, I loved him and nothing. NOTHING. Could make me think bad of him. He was perfect in my eyes.

But he was a liar and he was good at it and I  was just fifteen year old fool in love.

How did I not see the signs right at the beginning?  What makes us ignore the obvious?

Love has the power of making you believe what you would normally treat with the deepest suspicion.