Fashion Do’s.

I absolutely love the new range of sun dresses which have recently been re-introduced to the fashion world.


I first fell in love with this girly, petite look whilst watching ‘The Hills’ a reality TV show which follows Lauren Conrad and her friends around Los Angeles. Lauren has truly had a huge impact on my wardrobe and I find myself googling images of her so I can mimic some of her effortless beauty.

Whilst on my search for the perfect ‘Lauren’ look I have stumbled upon a few amazing websites.

Obviously the first being Laurens own fashion label, Paper crown:

& my favourite ASOS:

So go out and have some flirty fun with these beautiful styles.


Skin Products: Nude by Nature

I spent a lot of time searching for a skin product that was perfect for me. I have quite a natural look and most chemicals are too harsh for my skin. When I stumbled upon Nude by Nature I fell in love. It is absolutely amazing. I felt a huge pimple coming up on my face and after firstly scrubbing my face with the exfoliator and following it with the cleanser the pimple never came up.

The best thing about this product is it is natural and cheap. So if you are looking for skin products I recommend Nude by Nature.


Now I always buy their products and they seem to work for me so far. It is also helpful that they have a facebook page which help with any questions you may have.

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